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Project Description
PCAPMerger is console application written in C# to merge mutliple PCAP files into the one file sorted according to timestamp information

It should be equivalent in behaviour with programs like Mergecap, NMCap or tcpslice but without known issues those programs have.

It uses external DLL CommandLine library for parsing input console arguments.


  • v3.0 - PCAPng support, In-situ Mergesort and major code refactorization
  • v2.1 - supported output format is Microsoft Network Monitor and improved sorting with Heapsorting algorithm
  • v2.0 - based on own parsing engine
  • v1.0 - based on NetMon API

In attachments can be downloaded two PDF science papers describing some base facts and performance results of PCAPMerger against existing tools.

PCAPMerger-v1.pdf was published in Proceedings of the 18th Conference Student EEICT 2012 Volume 3, Brno, CZ, FIT VUT, 2012, s. 457-461, ISBN 978-80-214-4462-1.

PCAPMerger-v2.pdf was published in ElectroScope, roč. 2012, č. 5, Plzeň, CZ, s. 6, ISSN 1802-4564.

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